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The Gifts Of Our Salvation (Future Release)


In recent years, my Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father have been revealing to me that the Gift of my Salvation is much bigger than I had ever understood or imagined, by openeing my understanding to the numerous Gifts in my possession today, as part of this one supernatural Gift. Their Word tells us about these Gifts, and provides us with instructions for using and experiencing them.

Come with me on a journey through God’s Word to learn about the Gifts that our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus have provided to us, to live the life we were created for, and have been equipped to live.

This book includes:

  • A  list  of  the  Gifts of Our Salvation,

  • What  God’s Word says about how they have been provided to us, and

  • Information  from a Biblical perspective, To  help us  grow in understanding each of these Gifts.


From His Heart... 


There are currently twelve books available in the From His Heart... series of Devotional Books:

  Permission and Opportunity                        

  Walk with Me                                             

  My Word                                                  

  In Me                                                                  

  My Comfort                                              

  My Strength

  My Protection

  My Peace

  My Glory

  Women Serving Women

  My Spirit

  Without Condemnation



              Each of these books include Scriptures and a related message in Jesus' Words to the reader.

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