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About the Books


Christmas - There's So Much More!  is a quick and easy read about the "Much More," that started at the birth of our Lord Jesus and expands in our lives to take us from an annual season of love, hope, giving and joy [The Christmas season] to a season of love, hope, giving, and joy through Jesus - without end. It also highlights the things and ways of the season that point us to the glory and heart of our Creator.

The Gifts of our Salvation (Coming later in 2019) is a study and/or reference book to help us grow in knowlege about "the Gifts" that God's Word tells us we have been given as part of our Salvation. Come with me on a journey through God's Word to see how you can better experience and utilize these precious and magnificent gifts each and every day.

The first books in the From His Heart... series of books are Devotionals in which Jesus speaks to the reader through a portion of scripture and personal letters on various topics.


Jesus speaks about:

  • Who His Father is,

  • Who He is,

  • The love They share for us,

  • What they have accomplished on our behalf,

  • The gifts that we have been given through Their Spirit in us,

  • Counsel on how they desire us to live, and

  • Insight abouto how to apply the principles of heaven, in our lives here on earth. 


These books can be used:

  • To aid in deepening your relationship and devotion time with Jesus,

  • To hear Jesus' heart regarding life application of Biblical principles,

  • As topical resources for ministry leaders,

  • For the training of scripture and corresponding biblical principles for individuals, leaders, or mentors, and

  • As inspirational gifts.


Click on the link in each book to view: 

Chapter Titles, Table of Contents, and/or Sample Chapter

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